The Hundred Character Tablet (Bai Zi Bei)

by Lu Tung Pin

Original Language Chinese

Nurturing energy, forget words and guard it
Conquer your mind — do non-doing
In activity and stillness
Know the Source Progenitor
There is no thing
Whom else do you seek?
In constancy
It is essential to respond to people
In responding to people
It is essential not to be confused
If you do not become confused
Your nature will naturally stabilize
When your nature is naturally stabilized
Energy naturally returns
When energy naturally returns
The elixir crystallizes spontaneously
Fire and water
Pairing in the pot
Yin and Yang arise
Alternating over and over again
Everywhere producing
The sound of thunder
White clouds assemble on the summit
Sweet dew bathes the polar mountain
Having drunk the wine of longevity
You wander freely
Who can know you?
Sit and listen to the stringless tune
Clearly understanding the mechanism of creation
These twenty verses
Are a ladder straight to Heaven

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The Hundred Character