The Beloved's Poem on His Dhuni

by Meher Baba

English version by Bhau Kalchuri
Original Language Persian/Farsi or Urdu or Hindi

My pen has not the strength to sing your praise --
At the first glow of your flame there was rain!
How marvelous is your gift!
To cool your radiant blaze, God Himself, honoring you,
     showered rain on you for hours on end.
May you come to the rescue of thousands, may you
     receive the blessings of the poor.
To those who pray to you, may you give protection.

You have the attribute of a Wali --
He who loses himself in you becomes like you.
Wonderful is your effect, wonderful is your play,
     wonderful is your nature.
Yours is the gift which nurtures or destroys --
The seed you fructify, while the tree you uproot --
Both are your blessings.
One who uses you with care can cook hundreds of dishes.
But to the ignorant who treat you carelessly, you are a calamity.
You are like the Wali, full of virtues as well as faults.
You make one swim and another drown -- that is your nature!

The whole region of Ahmednagar was without water,
But at the perfect time you rewarded the labor of the farmer.
In the form of fire you were hot;
By becoming water you were cool.
As those near you were warmed by your flame,
So also was the world made happy by your light.

When you have surrendered to Baba, let your lips be sealed --
Brave are those who serve at the feet of the Sadguru.
Limitless is your greatness, O Dhuni --
Only rishis and munis can fathom you.
You made Beheram the fire sleep and the sky weep.
Your warmth melted the heavens, wetting My sadhra.
You are the real servant of the Sadguru --
Stay near Him always!
Difficult was it to live in the heat of the famine,
And it made you sweat.
You are the true slave of the Master --
A fiery rod in My cool hands!

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