frosty morning

by Gabriel Rosenstock

Original Language Irish & English

frosty morning
     a robin bares his breast
          to the whole world

-- from Haiku Enlightenment: New Expanded Edition, by Gabriel Rosenstock

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/ Image by Richard Towell /

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Commentary by Ivan M. Granger

A frosty morning here in Colorado.

It still has that special sense of life to me, like a newborn: the Poetry Chaikhana's latest publication, Haiku Enlightenment, by Gabriel Rosenstock. I couldn't help but feature another selection from its pages, this by the author himself.

Remember poetry when you are planning gifts and maybe a year-end treat for yourself. Purchasing a copy of Haiku Enlightenment is a wonderful way to welcome the magic of haiku into your home, as well as Gabriel's inspired observations on haiku as a pathway of awareness, compassion, and reconnection. And, of course, your purchase helps support the Poetry Chaikhana.

If you are on Facebook, I have just set up new Haiku Enlightenment Facebook page inspired by the new book. Personally, I'm always happy to see a haiku or short poem slip into my FB newsfeed when I check it -- a secret invitation to pause, take a breath, and notice the world again. I invite you to visit and hang out with the haiku.

Okay, time to step out into that chilly morning and fill my lungs with the crisp air. The world awaits.

Have a beautiful day!

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frosty morning