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Poems by Sri Chinmoy (Chinmoy Kumar Ghose)
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Chinmoy Kumar Ghose was born in 1931 in East Bengal (now Bangladesh). He was the one of seven children. In 1944, when he a barely an adolescent, both his parents died. At the age of 12, Sri Chinmoy entered the Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry in South India. He spent two decades there in spiritual practice and studies, during which time he experienced deep spiritual transformation and opening.

Sri Chinmoy left for New York in 1964 to bring his spiritual teachings to the West, eventually gaining a following of students from many countries all over the world.

He was a dynamic figure merging together deep spirituality with modern lifestyles. His many books cover a wide array of creativity, insight and human endeavor, with titles on spirituality, poetry, music, and athletics, among others.

Sri Chinmoy passed away in 2007.

Poems by Sri Chinmoy (Chinmoy Kumar Ghose)

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