My Song for Today

by Therese of Lisieux

English version by Pierre-Antoine Dujardin
Original Language French

My life is an instant, an hour passing by.
My life is but a day escaping and fleeing.
You know well, O my god! to love you on this earth
I only have today.

Oh! I love you, Jesus, to you my soul aspires.
If only for one day remain my sweet support.
Come and reign in my heart, bestow your smile on me
if only for today!

Do I care if, O Lord, somber is the future?
To pray for tomorrow, oh no this I cannot!
But my heart keep unstained, in your shadow drape me
If only for today.

Thinking of tomorrow, I fear my fickleness.
I can feel in my heart sadness and despair bloom.
But I welcome, my God, trial and suffering
If only for today.

I am soon to see you on the eternal shore.
O, Divine Pilot! Whose hand is guiding me.
On these unruly waves please keep my boat in peace
If only for today.

Oh! Let me hide, my lord, let me hide in your Face.
From there I will not have to bear the world's vain noise.
Bestow your love on me, bestow your grace again
If only for today.

Near to your divine heart, passing things disappear
I'm no longer affraid of the fears of the night
Oh! Offer me, Jesus, a seating in this Heart
If only for today.

Living, Heavenly Bread, God-given Eucharist,
O sacred Mystery! You the product of Love...
Come inhabit my heart, Jesus, my pristine Host,
If only for today.

Deign to unite to me, sacred and Holy Vine,
So that this weakest branch can bear its fruits for you
So that I can give you well ripe and golden grapes,
My Lord, as of today.

This bunch of grapes of love, the seeds it bears are souls
I have but, to grow it, this one, this fleeting day
The fire of Apostles, I ask of you, Jesus,
If only for today.

Virgin Immaculate! You are my Guiding Star
Giving Jesus to me, uniting me to Him.
O Mother! let me rest, secluded in your veil
If only for today.

Holy Guardian Angel, take me under your wing.
May your fires cast light on this path I'm walking.
Come and direct my steps... I cry to you, help me
If only for today.

O Lord, I want your sight, without veils or clouds,
But still exiled from you, from afar I languish.
That your lovable face stays hidden, I may bear
If only for today.

Soon I will fly away, I will speak your praises
When the sunset-less day will dawn upon my soul.
Then on the Angels' lyre I'll be able to sing
The Eternal Today!...

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My Song for Today