Sep 19 2018

Alternatives to Amazon

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As a follow-up to my note raising concerns about Amazon’s business practices, several of you contacted me with some promising sites worth exploring. Two sites in particular caught my attention: Wordery and Better World Books. Both are online booksellers and both offer free shipping *worldwide*. Both also contribute a certain amount of their profits and book stock to charities and literacy programs.

They seem to take a little while to add new books to their online catalogs, however. This Dance of Bliss is not yet listed with their sites, but other Poetry Chaikhana publications are listed. I am in contact with them to see if I can facilitate the process of adding the new anthology.

If all continues to look promising, I may soon change the Poetry Chaikhana book links to favor one of these sites (though Poetry Chaikhana books will still remain available through Amazon and other online book sources).

In the meantime, I encourage you to explore these sites yourself. And if you have any feedback about them, please let me know:


Better World Books

* Also, I should mention that someone sent me information about how, in response to the rising criticism, Amazon’s CEO just donated a very large sum of money to help with homelessness. While the action with most integrity would be to improve his company’s business practices and wage policies, a donation like that is not insignificant. How does that affect your perception of the company?

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