Muhammad Shirin Maghribi
Iran/Persia (1349 - 1408) Timeline
Muslim / Sufi

Poems by Muhammad Shirin Maghribi

Mulla Muhammad Shirin Maghribi was a hugely influential Sufi poet, as well as a world-traveler and a student of the great Sufi philosopher ibn Arabi.

The name Maghribi refers to the Mahgrib region of northern Africa along the southern Mediterranean coast stretching from Morocco to Egypt, but Maghribi was actually born in Persia. Some sources state he was born in Tabriz, while others say he was born in the village of Ammand near Lake Urumiya. He picked up the name Maghribi because he famously journeyed through the Mahgrib region of North Africa.

Maghribi is said to have received illumination during an arba'een (a Shi'a religious gathering in honor of Husayn) under the guidance of his spiritual sheikh.

Much of Maghribi's poetry elucidates the Sufi notion of Unity of Being. The style and focus of Maghribi's poetry is sometimes compared with Shabistari's, another great Persian Sufi poet. Maghribi's poetry in turn, influenced the styles of other Sufi poets, such as Shah Nimatullah Vali.

Maghribi's poetry has had such resonance that many of his poetic utterances have become popular proverbs in Persian.

Poems by Muhammad Shirin Maghribi

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Muhammad Shirin Maghribi