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Abdul-Qader Bedil (also written Abd al-Qadir Bidil) is also respectfully referred to as Abu Al-ma'ani ("father of meaning") Bedil.

There are conflicting reports of where Abdul-Qader Bedil was born. Some traditions give his birthplace as Azimabad in present day India, others say he is from Khwaja Rawash in the Kabul region of Afghanistan. There seems little debate, however, that his family originally came from Afghanistan and at some point moved to India as part of the Muslim Mughal court.

Abu Al-ma'ani Bedil wrote extensively -- poetry, philosophy, wisdom stories, and riddles -- and most of his writings remain with us today. He advocated religious tolerance and taught a doctrine of the Unity of Being (Wahdat al-Wujud) similar to Ibn Arabi.

Abu Al-ma'ani Bedil's work has been hugely influential upon Persian Sufi thinkers and poets in Afghanistan, as well as a rich source of material for classical music in the area.

Just as he has two birthplaces, Abu Al-ma'ani Bedil also has two tombs, one in Delhi, India and one in Khwaja Rawash, Afghanistan.

Poems by Abdul-Qader Bedil

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