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Emily Bronte is, of course, best known for her classic novel, "Wuthering Heights"

She was born in Yorkshire. She was the fifth of six children, in a family that included sisters Charlotte and Anne Bronte. Their father, Rev. Patrick Bronte, loved poetry, publishing several books of both prose and poetry, in conjunction with his pastoral work.

The family soon moved to the moor country, the brooding landscape that framed the sisters' later literary work.

Their mother died when they were still children. The children turned inward, telling each other stories and inventing fantastical lands.

Emily worked as a governess and teacher.

Emily, Charlotte, and Anne first published a collection of their poetry in 1846 under the male-sounding pseudonyms, Ellis, Currer, and Acton Bell, respectively, in order to gain wider literary acceptance.

She published Wuthering Heights the following year, in 1847.

In 1848, Emily Bronte caught tuberculosis, possibly related to the difficult climate, and died.

Poems by Emily Bronte

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