Gorakh Bani

by Gorakhnath

O Yogi die; die to the world.
Such death is sweet.
Die in the manner of Goraksa who died
     and then saw the Invisible.

Speak not in haste, walk not in haste
Take slow cautious steps.
Let not pride overtake you. Lead a simple life,
     says Goraksanath.

Goraksha says: Listen, O Avadhuta, this is how you should lead your life in this world.
See with your eyes, hear with your ears but never speak.
Just be a dispassionate witness to the happenings around you.
     Do not react.

Goraksa says one who remains steadfast in observing his sadhna
keeping his spiritual practice, food habits and sleeping habits
under strict yogic discipline
     neither grows old nor dies.

Goraksa says-- Om Siva Goraksa Yogi is the mantra,
which is the substance of all true joys.
One should repair to a solitary place and chant this mantra so devoutly
     that he becomes oblivious of his own body.

Om Siva Goraksa Yogi--
this auspicious mantra contains measureless sakti.
It is so powerful that even sinners of the worst kind have attained moksa
     just by chanting this mantra.

Goraksa says he who chants the name vocally or non-vocally,
meditates, controls the five senses from their pleasures
and burns his body in the holy fire of Brahma
     finds Mahadeva.

The mind is dull and fails to comprehend the secret of the the path of yoga.
It is very capricious and is always engaged in mischief,
thus causing a man to drift away
     from the true path.

The mind itself is the abode of the good as well as of the evil.
One may either let the good prevail or may allow free play to the evil instincts.
This mind is pure and pious only when it lets the good in it prosper.
If the mind promotes the evil instincts residing in it then it becomes impure and impious.
Yoga is the means by which the mind can be trained to promote and sustain the good instincts.

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Gorakh Bani