Song of Dawn

by Nazrul Islam

English version by Sajed Kamal
Original Language Bengali

It's dawn,-
open the door,
     wake up, Khukumoni!
The jasmine flowers
from their vines
are calling you to come running,
     wake up, Khukumoni!
Uncle Sun
is crawling out
     all dressed in a crimson shirt,
listen -- the gatekeeper
is singing
     his song, "Rama hoi."
The birds
are leaving their nests
     to fly in the sky,
listen to them
singing continuously,
     filling the morning air!
The restless
Bulbul birds
     whistle from flower to flower,
this time,
this time,
     Khukumoni will open her eyes!
Setting the rudder,
hoisting the sail,
     the boat begins its journey,
this time,
this time,
     Khukumoni has opened her eyes!
she's not--
     she's an early-riser,
that's why
Brother Moon
     gives a teep everyday for her!
and running--
     all the little boys and girls,
listen to them
     about who woke up first!
wash up
     wake up, Khukumoni!
With a hymn
let's begin
     asking for a blessing from God!

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Song of Dawn