You rest on the circle of Sri's breast (from The Gitagovinda)

by Jayadeva

English version by Barbara Stoler Miller
Original Language Sanskrit

You rest on the circle of Sri's breast,
Wearing your earrings,
Fondling wanton forest garlands.
     Triumph, God of Triumph, Hari!

The sun's jewel light encircles you
As you break through the bond of existence --
A wild Himalayan goose on lakes in minds of holy men.
     Triumph, God of Triumph, Hari!

You defeat the venomous serpent Kaliya,
Exciting your Yadu kinsmen
Like sunlight inciting lotuses to bloom.
     Triumph, God of Triumph, Hari!

You ride your fierce eagle Garuda
To battle demons Madhu and Mura and Naraka,
Leaving the other goods free to play.
     Triumph, God of Triumph, Hari!

Watching with long omniscient lotus-petal eyes,
You free us from bonds of existence,
Preserving life in the world's three realms.
     Triumph, God of Triumph, Hari!

Janaka's daughter Sita adorns you.
You conquer demon Dusana.
You kill ten-headed Ravana in battle.
     Triumph, God of Triumph, Hari!

Your beauty is fresh as rain clouds.
You hold the mountain to churn elixir from the sea.
Your eyes are night birds drinking from Sri's moon face.
     Triumph, God of Triumph, Hari!

Poet Jayadeva joyously sings
This song of invocation
In an auspicious prayer.
     Triumph, God of Triumph, Hari!

As he rests in Sri's embrace,
On the soft slope of her breast,
The saffroned chest of Madhu's killer
Is stained with red marks of passion
And sweat from fatigue of tumultuous loving.
May his broad chest bring you pleasure too!

-- from Love Song of the Dark Lord: Jayadeva's Gitagovinda, Translated by Barbara Stoler Miller

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You rest on the