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Shah Abdul Latif, sometimes called Bhitai, was a devout Muslim Sufi, but his spirituality was broad and welcoming, making room for Muslim and Hindu alike. He is one of the most revered poets and saints of the Sindh region of what is today Pakistan.

Although born into a well-respected family, he turned away from the comforts of life, revealing a natural ascetic tendency. He adopted the saffron-colored robes and simple lifestyle of the wandering fakirs and sanyasins of the region.

In his quest for inner truth, still a young man, Shah Latif left his home and began to travel extensively, favoring small villages and the countryside, interacting with the common people and other Muslim and Hindu ascetics. He quickly developed a reputation for holiness and absorption in meditation. At this time disciples began to gather about him.

Latif returned to his family home for a while, where he married Bibi Saidha Begum, a young woman who was respected in her own right for her spiritual insight. Sadly, she died at a young age, and Shah Latif never remarried.

Shah Latif Bhitai and his growing circle eventually moved to a place of retreat, a sand hill ("bhit") next to scenic Kiran Lake.

A fascinating story is told of his poetry. When Shah Latif was nearing death, he didn't want his poetry to simply waste away, so he had his writings thrown into the nearby lake. But, at the request of a disciple, Latif allowed his poetry to be re-recorded by another disciple who had memorized them.

Poems by Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai

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