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Luis de Leon was born to a Jewish family in Cuenca in the La Mancha region of Spain.

When he was 14, he became a student at the University of Salamanca, becoming a disciple of the humanist scholar Melchor Cano. In 1544 he entered the Augustinian monastic order of the Catholic Church, where he became a respected scholar of Hebrew and theology.

This was during the time of the Counter Reformation within the Catholic Church, and Inquisition had taken on a particularly harsh form in Spain. Salamanca was at the center of many Church conflicts, and Fray Luis de Leon was often embroiled in those disputes. He was imprisoned by the Inquisition in 1572 and only released in 1576.

His best known prose works are The Names of Christ and The Perfect Housewife. Only 29 of his poems are known to exist.

Poems by Luis de Leon

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