Disrobe, show Your beauty (from The Marital Garland of Letters)

by Ramana Maharshi

English version by Ivan M. Granger
Original Language Tamil

Disrobe, show Your beauty.
Let this fickle mind see You,
and rest,
O Arunachala!

The mind, that strumpet, will stop walking her streets,
if she can just see You.
Uncover, and bind her
with Your Beauty,
O Arunachala!

The drunken mind, on her unsteady legs,
blocks the sight of You, and keeps me
from peace.
Give me the vision of Your Beauty,
O Arunachala!

You've taken me;
if you don't now crush me in your embrace,
where then is your honor,
O Arunachala?

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Disrobe, show Your