The Necklet of Nine Gems

by Ramana Maharshi

English version by Ivan M. Granger
Original Language Tamil

In the court, Siva, though motionless,
before Shakti in stillness.

In Arunachala, with solemnity,
He stands.

She withdraws there
into His still Self.

'A,' 'Ru,' and 'Na'
Sat, Chit, and Ananda --
the Supreme Self, the individual self --
their union is Absolute;

Thus, the great saying --
'You are That.'

'Achala' bespeaks perfection.

Worship Arunachala
shining, golden;
simply remembering unlocks the door.

Touching the lotus feet of the Lord of Arunachala,
freed from attachment to

ever purer,
seeking grace --
darkness recedes.

In the rising sun,
golden, steady, full of grace,
there abide, joyously
sunk in the Sea of Bliss.

Annamalai! Don't let me pine
Don't crush me to dust, leaving me
between body and Self.

Turn Your restoring glance upon me,
eye of my eyes!

You Who are all Consciousness,
You Who are neither male nor female,
don't fail me!

Seat Yourself
in my heart.

You Who are all Consciousness,
ruling over sublime Shonagiri,
forgive the stumblings of this little one.

Rain Cloud, shower me
with Your gracious glance.
Save me from being lost
once more
in the dreary waste.
I cannot ford the grim stream of manifestation.

Mother, what can match Your care?

'Killer of Kama, Destroyer of Desire,'
tied to You
we know Your name.

A question, though,
if the title fits:

How can mighty Kama continue,
bold and conquering?
How can he creep unseen
upon one sheltered beneath Your feet?

Tell me,
You Who killed him?

As soon as You claimed me, I was Yours,
body and soul.

What is left to want?

You are success and You are failure both,
Oh my life!

They are meaningless
without You.

Beloved, do as You will with me,
but promise me
ever greater desire for Your Feet!

To rescue me --
born of virtuous Sundara and Sundari in holy Tiruchuli,
seat of Bhuminatheshware --
from the pain of the world,
He raised me to his seat,

His heart rejoices.
Siva shines forth.

And the Self flowers.

Such is Arunachala,
known across the universe!

Bearing me in the world as my father and mother,
You hid in my mind.

Before I drowned in the deep illusion,
You drew me,

You Who are All Consciousness,
such is the wonder of Your Grace!

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The Necklet of Nine