Three Golden Apples from the Hesperian grove (from Atalanta Fugiens)

by Michael Maier

English version by Anonymous
Original Language Latin

Three Golden Apples from the Hesperian grove.
     A present Worthy of the Queen of Love.
Gave wise Hippomenes Eternal Fame.
     And Atalanta's cruel Speed O'ercame.
In Vain he follows 'till with Radiant Light,
     One Rolling Apple captivates her Sight.
     And by its glittering charms retards her flight.
She Soon Outruns him but fresh rays of Gold,
     Her Longing Eyes & Slackened Footsteps Hold,
'Till with disdain She all his Art defies,
     And Swifter then an Eastern Tempest flies.
Then his despair throws his last Hope away,
     For she must Yield whom Love & Gold betray.
What is Hippomenes, true Wisdom knows.
     And whence the Speed of Atalanta Flows.
She with Mercurial Swiftness is Endued,
     Which Yields by Sulphur's prudent Strength pursued.
But when in Cybel's temple they would prove
     The utmost joys of their Excessive Love,
The Matron Goddess thought herself disdained,
     Her rites Unhallowed & her shrine profaned.
Then her Revenge makes Roughness o'er them rise,
     And Hideous feireenesse Sparkle from their Eyes.
Still more Amazed to see themselves look red,
     Whilst both to Lions changed Each Other dread.
He that can Cybell's Mystic change Explain,
     And those two Lions with true Redness stain,
Commands that treasure plenteous Nature gives
     And free from Pain in Wisdom's Splendor lives.

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Three Golden Apples