When I see His ways, I sing

by Namdev

English version by Nirmal Dass
Original Language Hindi

When I see His ways, I sing.
Thus I find peace, O brothers.

O brothers, lose yourself in the Word;
the true guru shall lead you to Deva.

Where light shimmers,
there resounds the unsounded Word.

Light blends with light:
this I perceived by the guru's grace.

There were rubies bright as lightning
in my own lotus-room.

He is near, not far.
He fills my very breath.

Where shines the eternal Sun,
there a lamp also dimly burns.

I finally understood by the guru's grace.
Now the slave Namdeva is blended with the Eternal.

-- from Songs of the Saints from the Adi Granth, Translated by Nirmal Dass

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When I see His ways