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Poems by John O'Donohue
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John O'Donohue is an inspiring Irish philosopher, poet, mystic who passed away unexpectedly in early 2008.

John O'Donohe had degrees in philosophy and literature. His writings, though grounded in academic philosophy and theology, are immediate, personal, very human. He was as much a mystic and a poet as a contributor to philosophical dialog.

Much of his writing and poetry drew deeply from Irish Celtic perspectives, both in Christian and pre-Christian wisdom, while speaking to a widely diverse, modern audience.

Poems by John O'Donohue

Recommended Books: John O'Donohue

To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Blessings Echoes of Memory Eternal Echoes: Celtic Reflections on Our Yearning to Belong Beauty: The Invisible Embrace Wisdom of the Celtic World (Audio CD)
Conamara Blues Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom Divine Beauty: The Invisible Embrace

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