Raga Dhanashri

by Pipa

English version by Nirmal Dass
Original Language Santbhasha

The body is God,
the body is the temple,
the body is the worshiper,
the body is the sacred shrine.
The body is the incense,
the lamp, the sacred offerings;
it is the body I worship
with broken petals.

After searching
all the world,
it was in the body
I found all the treasure
of the world.
Nothing is born,
nothing dies --
such is Ram's light.

What is contained
in the universe
is also contained
in the body:
whatever you seek,
you shall find.
Pipa says, He is Primal Matter;
the true guru will show this.

-- from Songs of the Saints from the Adi Granth, Translated by Nirmal Dass

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Raga Dhanashri