Infinity and Beyond

by Jay Ramsay

Original Language English

for Esteban Antonio

1. Love Is

We can go there
because we love, and because
love is all there is between us
an invisible sweetness
held between our hearts
elastic as the day
deep-delving as our nights
allowing each other to be
letting us have what we need
together and apart
and so deeply free
it spreads to the horizon
of all our dreaming
and all we dreamt
a love could be

2. The Path/

We follow the path
however hard it can be
over hills and mountains
in rain and shine
and often in silence
not speaking as we walk
where the days seem long
in this season of our lives
until we remember
how precious it is to be alive
that every moment matters
in the field we are making
and its invisible tapestry
written in astral light
is our cloth of heaven
that will greet us
when we come naked home
to the Light

3. In A Forest

Pause here in this forest
there's a clearing among the trees
where the light shafts down
and you sit against a trunk
to gather the quietness
not knowing where you've come from
or why you've come
and there, in its greengold glow
you start to see
the legend in your story
as she emerges, stepping forward
to wait at a little distance
for you to come, and find her
the soul of your journey
in every woman you meet
but in her, it is one
as the bird that alights
on her shoulder, white
as a unicorn and a dove

4. In Perfect Time

In the light behind the light
where everything is held
safer than human hands
than any building
in the exact distance between stars
and planets in their orbiting
and the low hum you cannot hear
that is the music of the spheres
and the earth's own note, answering
is what holds us
like the trinity
in its invisible being
we can only believe in
until we see our lives
in their perfect timing
beyond our own: then we know
that nothing has ever happened
that was not our dreaming
this life we chose
in all its striving
bowed and fretted
birthing each note

5. For Angela

Beauty is poised
delicate in its moment
of connection -- and then
it is sudden fire
acceleration of sense
and impulse
towards its heart
its home-yearning
-remembering that brings us
together again
loving still more deeply
in our eternity
and our transience
a cup we can never fill
or drink dry... your eyes
edged with starlight
your breasts dew-fresh
your gate, your well
of angelic strength

6. The Invitation

Come with me
into infinity
to where we long to be
unfettered as we are
free in eagle-flight
circling each other's suns
no ties to rein us back
no walls in our hearts
all let free
ruined finally
so the Spirit can breathe in
as we breathe
dancing in our spirit being
embodied here, graced
in all our beauty
as we were made to be
in this Eden of our conceiving

7. Resurrection

When we are One
we can do the work
God dreamed for us
to create, and co-create
a universe of such meaning
a playground of such joyful depth
that all our puny attempts
at rebellion and separation
fall away
like forgotten dreams
nightmares of our history
abandoned at the end of time
where Love begins
and no more sacrifice is needed
Christ comes smiling
the holes in his hands and sides
all one streaming light
in our resurrected eyes

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Infinity and Beyond