My heart searched for your fragrance

by Sarmad

English version by Isaac A. Ezekiel
Original Language Persian/Farsi

My heart searched for your fragrance
     in the breeze moving at dawn,
     my eyes searched for the flower of your face
     in the garden of creation.
Neither could lead me to your abode --
     contemplation alone showed me the way.

-- from Sarmad: Martyr to Love Divine, by Isaac A. Ezekiel

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Commentary by Ivan M. Granger

Reading this lovely poem by Sarmad, I can honestly embrace either side of its point. He is saying that, no matter how beautiful and uplifting the the world around us may be, the Eternal is only found within the inner space of deep contemplation. And that is such an important reminder for the human world that is perpetually hooked by the senses and the desire to comprehend everything in terms of material reality. Even the purest appreciation of the most stunning panorama does not hold God. Always, always, the Eternal is found within.

And yet-- physical reality, especially the natural world in all its life and beauty, reveals something to us of the deeper Reality. In the sunrise, in a flower, we do not see the face of God... but, when we learn to look, we can see there a suggestion of a smile. Spirit playfully hides just behind the physical. Grasping at the physical world leads to failure and blindness, but recognizing its beauty can lead us to inner stillness and true seeing.

So, should we agree with Sarmad, or disagree? Both, I think.

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My heart searched