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Poems by Sachal Sarmast
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Sachal urged people to seek the truth directly, rather than through mere conformity to tradition. He taught a Sufi vision of Unity called Wahdat al-Wujud, which has been compared to the great nondualist teachings of Advaita Vedanta within Hinduism and Zen/Chan within Buddhism.

Sachal Sarmast was born Abdul Wahab in the Sindh region of what is today Pakistan. His father died when he was a young child, and Abdul Wahab was raised by his uncle, who also became his spiritual master.

His soul was deeply moved by music. Listening to music sent him into a state of rapture with tears pouring down his face.

Abdul Wahab married, but his young wife died two years later. He never remarried.

He took the name Sachal (Truth). Later people added Sarmast (Ecstatic Master) to his name in appreciation of his spiritual poetry. He is sometimes called Sachoo, The Truthful.

Sachal Sarmast lived a humble, ascetic life, preferring solitude, simple meals of daal and yogurt. It is said that he never left the village of his birth, yet he composed sacred poetry in seven different languages, poetry that is loved and sung to this day.


Unfortunately, I haven't yet found a good single source of Sachal Sarmast's poetry in English. I've only discovered scattered verses translated on the Internet. We are waiting for a book of inspired translations of Sachoo.

Poems by Sachal Sarmast

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