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Poems by Gunter Saure
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Gunter Saure, born in West-Germany in 1950. He studied literature and art at university, later focusing on educational and social sciences.

He writes, "My growing interest in how people behave and their deeper motives for that, consequently led me to participate in a couple of intensive trainings in psychotherapy methods, as for example Gestalttherapy and Hakomi. Since more than 30 years now, I practice as a private psychotherapist in Bremen in the north of Germany, working mostly with single people and couples."

Throughout these decades, Saure's developing spiritual longing and search brought him into contact with different spiritual teachings and teachers, among which the Amercan-born Guru Adi Da ( former Da Free John ) had a strong influence on his path.

"The main teachers I encountered on my spiritual quest, in different ways greatly served and deepened my understanding about the essence of life, the true nature of existence and of who we are at the core of our being."

Of his interest in poetry, Saure says, "I was increasingly drawn to reading sacred poetry, for instance the poems of Kabir, Hafiz and Rumi, which are very precious to me.

"This lifelong journey of engaging myself in these fundamental questions about life, death and beyond, also started to bear fruit in the form of spiritual poems, now and then knocking at my door wanting to be brought into life. This creative writing process often happens in very sudden and unpredictable ways,in most cases, to my own surprise, in English.

"In a deep sense, I feel these poems to be and conduct the summation and essence of my spiritual experience and understanding. That's why I gave my book the title 'The Happiness of Is'."

His book The Happiness of Is includes thirty spiritual poems, each accompanied by one of his photographs, offering surprising and unfamiliar views on nature.

Poems by Gunter Saure

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