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Poems by Janaka Stagnaro
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Janaka Stagnaro is a Waldorf teacher, poet, artist and storyteller. He also leads workshops and guides individuals in their personal growth.

Janaka says of his journey: "It was not until hiking alone in Nepal, after a few years living in Africa with the Peace Corps, that I lost my identity with my mind. I was felled with a Mighty Sroke of Love. I became absorbed by this Loving Force. When it passed nothing mattered more than regaining that state. I now had a purpose--to BE THAT. Eventually my path led me to many countries and to many teachers. Yet I must say that 'A Course in Miracles' and connecting with the Christ, then to the teachings of Ramana Maharshi, have helped me to go or become aware of that State beyond the mind. Then, years later, Rudolf Steiner's teachings of Anthroposophy and becoming a Waldorf teacher assisted in integrating my Awareness into the world of forms.

"Today, after over 20 years of a conscious Process, I think I may say that I am feeling at home in the world and that I no longer am running from it. I find much joy in working on this amazing planet, bringing some good to it, and reveling in playing at the arts and finding pleasure in seeking the Truth. Not out of making me someone more worthy, but out of freedom because all this is what my Soul wants me to do.

"If I must define myself I must say that I am a Divine Being, due to my Intrinsic Nature in God, working at the art of becoming a Human Being and with all the struggles that entails."

Poems by Janaka Stagnaro

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