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Descending from grandparents who traveled from homes in Hungary and Russia, silent lotus was born in America. He was raised in the small unique and historic community of Roosevelt, N.J.

In his mid twenties he left for the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean to give priority to his talents as a visual artist. There he began a friendship with the songwriter Doug Shawe. And after two years, as crew of a 30-meter sailboat, he ventured across the Atlantic Ocean along with the owner, film producer Saul Zaentz. From the Mediterranean he traveled overland through Europe and settled in the city of Rotterdam. By the late 1970's,under his birth name CHASAN he began to exhibit his prints, paintings, sculptures and silk shawls in galleries and museums.

From 1988 through 1991 he worked with the architect Maurizio Brocato in Sicily and painted in Milan at the invitation of Alessandro Goppion. In the early '90s he traveled for the first time to India to visit his brother who resides in Pondicherry. The nature of Ecuador was unveiled to him in the autumn of 2000 by the countries leading ornithological painter, his cousin, Paul Greenfield. During the spring of 2001 he met the artist Nermin Kura and over the next few years she introduced him to Istanbul and the culture of Turkey. The oeuvre of his visual art is known as “Icons Of Silence”.

The flow of poetry blossomed a year after the turn of the century and in the following five years there were well over two thousand poems in his archive “Listening To Love”. They have found their way to being presented in Europe and America‚Ķsome on to the stage, others in exhibitions, pages of print journals, as well as poetry websites. His poem Feel The Peace was selected for the “Other Voices Anthology” due out in print in December 2006. Interviews have been published in the journals Tiferet and Sacred Journey.

In November of 2004 in Brugge Belgium, there was an hour long performance of the poetry 'Listening To Love' created by the singer Lieve Blondelle together with the dancer Sabrina Spronk that was held in a cultural center that was formerly the Magdalena Church built circa 1800.

Along with the flow of art & poetry there has always been a presence that has attracted people to look for his spiritual guidance. He shares his vision individually as well as through seminars and retreats in many countries.

Poems by silent lotus

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