Navaho Prayer - May it be beautiful

by Navaho (Anonymous)

Original Language Navaho/Dine

Dark young pine, at the center of the earth originating,
I have made your sacrifice.
Whiteshell, turquoise, abalone beautiful,
Jet beautiful, fool's gold beautiful, blue pollen beautiful,
Red pollen, pollen beautiful, your sacrifice I have made.
This day your child I have become, I say.

Watch over me.
Hold your hand before me in protection.
Stand guard for me, speak in defense of me.
As I speak for you, speak for me.
     May it be beautiful before me.
     May it be beautiful behind me.
     May it be beautiful below me.
     May it be beautiful above me.
     May it be beautiful all around me.

     I am restored in beauty.
     I am restored in beauty.
     I am restored in beauty.
     I am restored in beauty.

-- from The Essential Mystics: Selections from the World's Great Wisdom Traditions, Edited by Andrew Harvey

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Commentary by Ivan M. Granger

I have come across several variations of the prayer-poem; they all manage to bring me back into my feet and into quiet awe of the moment.

This version, with its introductory offering to the pine tree is especially moving to me. This is not just any tree, but the pillar of life that stands "at the center of the earth," the world navel, the center of being, the mediator between heaven and earth.

I love the evocation: "This day your child I have become, I say." Right relationship is restored. More than restored, it is recognized. The soul harmonizes, uncontracts, when it remembers it is the child of something profound, alive, divine... and beautiful.

May you be restored in beauty.

Navaho Prayer - May