Rabia al-Basri (Rabia al- Adawiyya)
Iraq (717 - 801) Timeline
Muslim / Sufi

Poems by Rabia al-Basri (Rabia al- Adawiyya)
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Rabia, sometimes called Rabia of Basra or Rabia al Basri, was born to a poor family in Basra in what is now Iraq. Her parents died of famine and she was sold into slavery.

The story is told that her master one night woke up and saw a light shining above her head while she was praying. Stunned, he freed her the next morning.

Rabia chose a solitary life of prayer, living much of her life in desert seclusion.

Her fame as a holy woman spread and people began to journey to her retreat, to ask advice, to study, to learn.

Today she is greatly revered by devout Muslims and mystics throughout the world.

Poems by Rabia al-Basri (Rabia al- Adawiyya)

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