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Poems by Rasakhan
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Rasakhan (also written Raskhan) is another embodiment of the fascinating melding of different religions and cultures we sometimes find in eclectic India. He was both a Muslim and a follower of Krishna.

He was born to a wealthy Muslim family in India, possibly near Delhi. Different sources give different estimates for when Rasakhan lived. Years of birth range from the 1530s to as late as 1630, and I've found estimates for his death of 1619, 1628, and later. We're pretty safe to say that he lived and wrote in the 1600s.

His birth name was Saiyad Ibrahim, and he later took the spiritual name Rasakhan.

He is said to have had a good education and he spoke both Hindi and Persian (Farsi).

Yet, even with his Muslim upbringing, most of his poems are ecstatic bhakti songs exploring the love between Radha (the soul) and Lord Krishna (God), written in the Hindi language.

Rasakhan also translated the Srimad Bhagavat (one of the great scriptures in the Krishna bhakti tradition) into Persian.

Poems by Rasakhan

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