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Poems by Tiruvalluvar
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Ascribing Tiruvalluvar to the seventh century is little more than a guess. Modern scholars can only say that Tiruvalluvar lived and taught sometime between the second centure BC and the eighth century AD.

Various stories are told about his life. By tradition, Tiruvalluvar is said to have been born in Madras in southern India. Like Kabir centuries later in the north, Tiruvalluvar is popularly said to have been a weaver.

His Tirukural (or, simply, Kural), is one of the oldest and most revered sacred works in the Tamil language. It is a series of aphoristic couplets to guide people in the ways of virtue, wealth, and love, all from a spiritual perspective. These couplets are filled with wisdom, deep mysticism and, often, a sense of humor.

Poems by Tiruvalluvar

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The Kural (Penguin Classics) Weaver's wisdom: Ancient precepts for a perfect life: an American English translation of Saint Tiruvalluvar's ancient Tirukural

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