The Creator Plays His Cosmic Instrument In Perfect Harmony

by Dadu Dayal

English version by K. N. Upadhyaya

Destroy delusion, O mind, by means of
     the Name of God and the Word
     bestowed by the Guru.
The mind is then united with the One
     untouched by karmas. Liquidate thereby
     thy karmas, O Dadu.

If the mind stays with the Name of the
     Supreme Lord even for a moment,
     O Dadu,
All its karmas will be destroyed then and
     there, within the twinkling of an eye.

The aspirant who fills his pot with drops
     of Celestial Melody, alone survives.
How can he die, O Dadu? He drinks the
     divine Nectar.

The artistic Creator is playing
     the instrument in perfect harmony.
Melody is the essence of the five elements,
     and through the self is the Melody
     expressed, O Dadu.

-- from Dadu: The Compassionate Mystic, Translated by K. N. Upadhyaya

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