So priceless is the birth, O brother

by Dadu Dayal

English version by K. N. Upadhyaya

So priceless is the birth, O brother,
That in it, the Supreme Lord can
     be met.

The human body is the Door
     to salvation.

If the meeting is not accomplished
     while alive,
If the contact is not made while alive,
If the Lord of the universe is not found
     while alive,
Then one is simply drowned.

The One who has made this temple
     of our hearts,
He alone dwells in this temple.
None else but our Beloved is in our

With thee is thy Friend. Let thyself
     recognize Him.
Look not at a distance. Know Him
     as thy reflection, O Dadu.

God is within all beings. He accompanies
     all and is close by.
Musk is in the musk deer, and yet
     it goes around smelling grass.

The self knows not God, although God
     is with the self.
Being deaf to the Holy Sound of the
     Master, sadly does he wander.

He for whom thou searchest in the world
     dwells within thyself.
Thou knowest Him not, because the veil
     of 'mine' and 'thine' is there.

He dwells within all beings, yet rarely
     anyone knows Him.
He alone who is a devotee of God
     will know Him.

A true Master unites us with God
And shows all within the body.
Within the body is the Creator,
And within the body is Onkar [divinity of the second heaven].
The sky is within the body, and close by
Is the earth within the body.
Air and light are within the body.
So is water contained within the body.
Within the body are the Sun and
     the Moon.
And the Bagpipe is played within
     the body.

By rendering service within the heart,
See thou the One who is indestructible
     and boundless,
Having no limit either on this end
     or on that end, sayeth Dadu.

After entering within, let one, O Dadu,
     bolt the doors of the house.
Let one, O Dadu, serve the Lord at the
     Door of Eternity.

God is within the self, His worship alone
     is to be done.

Search thou for the Beloved close to the place
Wherefrom the Sound emerges, and thou
     shalt find Him, sayeth Dadu.
There is solitude there, and there is luster
     of Light.

One who, turning the attention inward,
Brings it within the self,
And fixes it on the Radiant Form of
     the Master,
Is indeed wise, O Dadu.

Where the self is, there is God; all is
     filled with Him.
Fix thine attention within, O valiant
So does Dadu proclaim.

Fix thine attention within, and sing
     always within the self.
This mind then dances with ecstasy, and
     beats with pleasure the rhythm.

God is within the self; He is close
     to the worshipper.
But leaving Him aside, men serve
     external constructions, lamenteth

This is the true mosque, this is the true temple.
So hath the Master shown.
The service and worship are performed

     Destroy delusion, O mind, by means of
     the Name of God and the Word
     bestowed by the Guru.
The mind is then united with the One
     untouched by karmas. Liquidate thereby
     thy karmas, O Dadu.

If the mind stays with the Name of the
     Supreme Lord even for a moment,
     O Dadu,
All its karmas will be destroyed then and
     there, within the twinkling of an eye.

The aspirant who fills his pot with drops
     of Celestial Melody, alone survives.
How can he die, O Dadu? He drinks the
     divine Nectar.

The artistic Creator is playing
     the instrument in perfect harmony.
Melody is the essence of the five [elements],
     and through the self is the Melody
     expressed, O Dadu.

By enabling people to hear the Sound,
the Master can awaken them at His will. He
may, at His pleasure, speak within them, and
merge them in his own form.

The knowledge of the Sound Current
imparted by the Guru merges one easily into
Truth. It carries me to the abode of my
Beloved, says Dadu.

-- from Dadu: The Compassionate Mystic, Translated by K. N. Upadhyaya

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