O Saghi, pass around that cup of wine, then bring it to me

by Hafiz

English version by Homayun Taba & Marguerite Theophil
Original Language Persian/Farsi

O Saghi, pass around that cup of wine, then bring it to me.
Love seemed easy at first, but grew so complicated later.

The sabaa, unravels her braided tresses, spreading the musky scent of her black curls,
How our hearts pound with this onrush of blood!

How can there be in the house of the Beloved any assurance of settled comfort and pleasure,
When at any moment the caravan bells can command us to pack up and leave?

Even if the Master tells you to colour your prayer rug red with wine,
As a disciple heed what the Tradition asks of you.

Dark night ,frightening waves, terrifying whirlpools
How could they know our state, those unaffected ones, sticking to the shore?

All my selfish deeds finally led to this bad reputation
How can that which people discuss openly be kept a secret?

Hafiz, if you desire His presence, do not withhold yourself
When you fulfill your deepest desire, when you encounter your Beloved, you relinquish every worldly thing.

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O Saghi, pass