[Japji 38] Discipline is the workshop

by Guru Nanak

English version by John Stratton Hawley and Mark Juergensmeyer
Original Language Punjabi

Discipline is the workshop;
     patience, the goldsmith;
          the anvil, one's thinking;
               wisdom, the hammer;
Fear, the bellows;
     austerities, the fire;
          and feeling, the vessel
               where the deathless liquid is poured.
In such a true mint
     is forged the Word,
          and those on whom He looks
               do their rightful deeds.
Nanak says:
     the One who sees,
               He observes.

-- from Songs of the Saints of India, Translated by John Stratton Hawley / Translated by Mark Juergensmeyer

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Japji 38] Discipline