O Death! Get away; what canst thou do?

by Ramprasad (Ramprasad Sen)

Original Language Bengali

O Death! Get away; what canst thou do?
I have imprisoned Mother Kali.
I have bound Her feet with my mind
and imprisoned Her in my heart
I have unfolded my heart lotus
and fixed my mind at the sahasrara.
I have entrusted my heart to Kulakundalini.
Such contraption have I made that She can't escape!
Devotion guards Her always as a watchman;
my two eyes have I made gatekeepers.
I predicted: fateful fever would attack me;
So I have taken my Master's drug
-- remedy for all diseases.
“Death! I have humbled thy pride,”
says Ramprasad,
“I am ready to start on my journey, uttering, ‘Kali, Kali!'”

-- from Kali: The Black Goddess of Dakshineswar, by Elizabeth U. Harding

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O Death! Get away