Themes :

The womb is the empty space in which life takes form. It is emptiness, formlessness, night, void, nirvana -- the Mother of creation.

Poems with the theme of Womb

  For Freedom
  Abulafia, Rabbi Abraham And YHVH spoke to me when I saw His name
  Abulafia, Rabbi Abraham Circles 3 (from Life of the Future World)
  AE (Russell, George William) The Hermit
  AE (Russell, George William) The Place of Rest
  Akha The Essence is only as far away as the sky
  Ammons, A. R. An Improvisation for Angular Momentum
  Andal In morning's small hours we came to adore (from Tiruppavai)
  Angelou, Maya A Brave and Startling Truth
  Angelou, Maya On the Pulse of Morning
  Aurobindo Reminiscence
  Aurobindo The Word of The Silence
  Avaiyar Vinayagar Agaval
  Ayaz In every moment I am free
  Battacharya, Mahendranath What shall I say to You, Sankari?
  Blake, William Auguries of Innocence
  Booth, Philip After the Rebuilding
  Bulleh Shah Bulleh! to me, I am not known
  Candaka May He Protect You
  Colliver, Andrew Nocturne
  Crashaw, Richard The Flaming Heart or the Life of the Glorious S. Teresa
  Crashaw, Richard To the Name above every Name, the Name of Jesus
  cummings, e. e. i am a little church(no great cathedral)
  cummings, e. e. i thank You God for most this amazing
  cummings, e. e. let it go -- the
  Dickinson, Emily Before He comes we weigh the Time!
  Dogen, Eihei One of six verses composed in An'yoin Temple in Fukakusa, 1230:
  Eliot, T. S. I said to my soul, be still, and let the dark come upon you (from Four Quartets)
  Fox, John There is an Origin
  Francis of Assisi Prayer Inspired by the Our Father
  Francis of Assisi Exhortation to St. Clare and Her Sisters
  Francis of Assisi The Canticle of Brother Sun
  Francis of Assisi The Canticle of Brother Sun
  Ghalib, Mirza The Rose with its redolent petals
  Gibran, Kahlil Prayer
  Giraut de Bornelh Reis glorios / Glorious king
  Granum Sinapis (Anonymous) Granum Sinapis
  Gyatso, Chone Lama Lodro A Dance of Unwavering Devotion
  Hafiz Beauty Radiated in Eternity
  Hafiz Spring and all its flowers
  Hakuin You no sooner attain the great void
  Han-shan (Cold Mountain) Sitting alone in peace before these cliffs
  Hanh, Thich Nhat Please Call Me by My True Names
  Hao-jan, Meng Master I's Chamber in the Ta-yu Temple
  Herbert, George Church Monuments
  Heschel, Rabbi Abraham Joshua God Pursues Me Everywhere
  Heschel, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Intimate Hymn
  Hildegard von Bingen Ave generosa / Hymn to the Virgin
  Hildegard von Bingen Holy Spirit of Fire
  Hildegard von Bingen Laus Trinitati / Antiphon for the Trinity
  Hildegard von Bingen O virga mediatrix / Alleluia-verse for the Virgin
  Hsuan Chueh of Yung Chia / Yoka Genkaku [8] Transience, emptiness and enlightenment (from The Shodoka)
  Hsuan Chueh of Yung Chia / Yoka Genkaku [11] Always working alone, always walking alone (from The Shodoka)
  Hsuan Chueh of Yung Chia / Yoka Genkaku [18] I wandered over rivers and seas, crossing mountains and streams (from The Shodoka)
  ibn Gabirol, Solomon Before I was, Thy mercy came to me
  Ikkyu (Sojun, Ikkyu) Form in Void
  Iqbal, Allama Muhammad O wave! Plunge headlong into the dark seas (from Baal-i-Jibreel)
  Islam, Nazrul He who has seen my Mother
  Islam, Nazrul mother, i may have been a naughty child
  Islam, Nazrul O Nightingale!
  Islam, Nazrul Syama wakes on the cremation grounds
  Jacopone da Todi (Benedetti, Jacopone) At the cross her station keeping (from Stabat Mater Dolorosa)
  Janabai You must accept those who surrender to you
  Jnaneshwar The Union of Shiva and Shakti (from Amritanubhav)
  John of the Cross On the Communion of the Three Persons (from Romance on the Gospel)
  John of the Cross Song of the Soul That Delights in Knowing God by Faith
  John of the Cross The Fountain
  Kabir Having crossed the river
  Kalidas (Edwards, Lawrence) The Mind Like a Firefly
  Kalidas (Edwards, Lawrence) The Way To Peace
  Kalidas (Edwards, Lawrence) What mind can possibly approach you
  Kamalakanta Can everyone have the vision of Shyama?
  Kamalakanta Ever-blissful Kali
  Kamalakanta Is my black Mother Syama really black?
  Kamalakanta O Kali, my Mother full of Bliss!
  Kamalakanta The black bee of my mind is drawn in sheer delight
  Kerouac, Jack Bowery Blues
  Kerouac, Jack Men and women
  Kerouac, Jack The Scripture of the Golden Eternity
  Khunrath, Heinrich A Philosophicall short songe of the incorporating of the Spirit of the Lord in Salt
  Ko Un Indangsu sea, shine dark blue
  Krishnamurti, Jiddu I have been a wanderer long (from The Search)
  Kuzminsky, Irina A Sequence of Embraces
  Lalla Day will be erased in night
  Lalla Dying and giving birth go on
  Lalla Your way of knowing is a private herb garden
  Latif Bhitai, Shah Abdul Wind blew! The sand enveloped the body
  Lawrence, D. H. Deeper Than Love
  Lawrence, D. H. God is Born
  Lee, Li-Young Become Becoming
  Lee, Li-Young Nativity
  Lee, Li-Young Night Mirror
  Lee, Li-Young One Heart
  Lee, Li-Young Out of Hiding
  Levertov, Denise A Gift
  Levine, Stephen Half life
  Levine, Stephen In the realm of the passing away
  Machado, Antonio Siesta
  Maharshi, Ramana The Marital Garland of Letters
  Maharshi, Ramana The Necklet of Nine Gems
  Marpa (Lotsawa, Marpa) Realisation of Dreams and Mind
  McCombs, Chris Swan Born
  Merton, Thomas A Messenger from the Horizon
  Merton, Thomas The Sowing of Meanings
  Merton, Thomas When in the soul of the serene disciple
  Milarepa Response to a Logician
  Milarepa The Profound Definitive Meaning
  Milarepa The Song of Food and Dwelling
  Milarepa The Song of the Twelve Deceptions
  Milarepa The Song of View, Practice, and Action
  Milarepa Upon this earth, the land of the Victorious Ones
  Milosz, Czeslaw A Song on the End of the World
  Mirabai The Heat of Midnight Tears
  Mistral, Gabriela Song of Death
  Nagarjuna Body
  Nagarjuna Change
  Namdev Laughing and playing, I came to Your Temple, O Lord
  Nammalvar My dark one
  Naropa The Summary of Mahamudra
  Naropa The View, Concisely Put
  O'Donohue, John For a New Beginning
  Oliver, Colin Ploughing at Nightfall
  Oliver, Mary Halleluiah
  Oliver, Mary Mindful
  P'ang Yun (Layman P'ang) Not willing to let go of grasping and rejecting
  P'ang Yun (Layman P'ang) The past is already past
  Pattinattar The eightfold Yoga
  Porete, Marguerite Humility
  Porete, Marguerite You who would read this book
  Ramakrishna Is there anyone in the universe
  Ramprasad (Sen, Ramprasad) Come, let us go for a walk, O mind
  Ramprasad (Sen, Ramprasad) I drink no ordinary wine
  Ramprasad (Sen, Ramprasad) Its value beyond assessment by the mind
  Ramprasad (Sen, Ramprasad) Love Her, Mind
  Ramprasad (Sen, Ramprasad) Mother, am I Thine eight-months child?
  Ramprasad (Sen, Ramprasad) O Death! Get away; what canst thou do?
  Ramprasad (Sen, Ramprasad) This time I shall devour Thee utterly, Mother Kali!
  Ramprasad (Sen, Ramprasad) Who in this world
  Ramprasad (Sen, Ramprasad) Why disappear into formless trance?
  Ramsay, Jay For the Children (from In the Unknown)
  Ramsay, Jay In the End: The Beginning
  Ramsay, Jay St. Ives
  Raphael Reed, Sabah Fana, Baqa
  Rilke, Rainer Maria Gong
  Rilke, Rainer Maria I am praying again, Awesome One
  Rilke, Rainer Maria Anticipating the Passion (from The Life of the Virgin Mary)
  Rumi, Mevlana Jelaluddin look at love
  Rumi, Mevlana Jelaluddin No end to the journey
  Rumi, Mevlana Jelaluddin On the Night of Creation I was awake
  Rumi, Mevlana Jelaluddin Seeking the Source
  Rumi, Mevlana Jelaluddin Whoever finds love
  Rumi, Mevlana Jelaluddin A World with No Boundaries (Ghazal 363)
  Ryokan This world
  Saraha The Royal Song of Saraha (Dohakosa)
  Shabistari, Mahmud The Marriage of the Soul (from The Secret Rose Garden)
  Shabkar (Rangdrol, Shabkar Tsogdruk) A Song by a Yogi in Solitude
  Shankara In Praise of the Goddess
  Shankara Nirvana Shatakam
  Shankara The Shattering of Illusion (Moha Mudgaram from The Crest Jewel of Discrimination)
  Shih Shu Emptiness is a long story
  Shih-te (Pickup) Doesn't anyone see
  Shih-te (Pickup) I live in a place without limits
  Shore, Laura Jan Don't Say It
  Snyder, Gary No Matter, Never Mind
  Solovyov, Vladimir The Sign
  Solovyov, Vladimir And it was here -- it was autumn
  Solovyov, Vladimir Three Meetings
  Soseki, Natsume Watch birth and death
  Stafford, William Vocation
  Stagnaro, Janaka Crushing Leaves
  Sun Buer Gathering the Mind
  Sun Buer Refining the Spirit
  Sun Buer Spirit and energy should be clear as the night air
  Swir, Anna My Body Effervesces
  Swir, Anna Priceless Gifts
  Szymborska, Wislawa Among the Multitudes
  Szymborska, Wislawa Classifieds
  Szymborska, Wislawa The Camel
  Tagore, Rabindranath (1) Thou hast made me endless (from Gitanjali)
  Tagore, Rabindranath (63) Thou hast made me known to friends whom I knew not (from Gitanjali)
  Tagore, Rabindranath (80) I am like a remnant of a cloud of autumn (from Gitanjali)
  Tagore, Rabindranath (84) It is the pang of separation that spreads throughout the world (from Gitanjali)
  Taliesin Primary Chief Bard
  Teresa of Avila In the Hands of God
  Thayumanavar All visible life that is clothed in body vesture (from Bliss that is Perfect Full)
  Thayumanavar Prayer to Being - Let Us Contemplate
  Therese of Lisieux My Song for Today
  Therese of Lisieux The Divine Dew
  Thompson, Francis The Hound of Heaven
  Tilopa Song of the Mahamudra (Tilopa's Song to Naropa)
  Tiruvalluvar Impermanence
  Trinley, Karma A Song on the View of Voidness
  Tsogyel, Yeshe The Supreme Being is the Dakini Queen of the Lake of Awareness!
  Tukaram Thou art more kind than mother dear
  Ueshiba, Morihei Except for blending with the void
  Ungar, Lynn Passover
  Vivekananda Kali the Mother
  Vivekananda Song of the Sanyasin
  Walters, Dorothy The Abundance of Brightness
  Whitman, Walt Pioneers! O Pioneers!
  Whitman, Walt [1] I celebrate myself, and sing myself (from Song of Myself)
  Whitman, Walt [5] I believe in you my soul, the other I am must not abase itself to you (from Song of Myself)
  Whitman, Walt [7] Has anyone supposed it lucky to be born? (from Song of Myself)
  Whitman, Walt [8] The little one sleeps in its cradle (from Song of Myself)
  Whitman, Walt [44] It is time to explain myself -- let us stand up (from Song of Myself)
  Whyte, David All the True Vows
  Yeats, William Butler The Blessed
  Yogananda, Paramahansa Thou hast many Names
  Yun, Hsu Going Beyond Desire
  Zohar (Leon, Moses de) The Creation of Elohim