O Mind, Be Clear

by Thayumanavar

Original Language Tamil

O Mind, who art like the gold
In ornaments, being the texture of all things --
wilt thou not ripen of thyself and become
the fruit of Samadhi,
be clear of thy imperfections?
For I have no friend like thee.
Surely thou art like the Divine Grace itself,
Thou art the Guru, the bond inseparable.

For many days I had bliss with thee,
and now, because of separation from Me,
if thou liest as one dead, inert,
truly I shall salute the very direction of thy repose.
Through thee I shall be freed of grief,
and inherit the bliss of Freedom.

-- from The Mystic in Love: A Treasury of Mystical Poetry, Edited by Shelley Gross

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O Mind, Be Clear