Themes :

Poems with the theme of Fruit

  Adyashanti Rest and Be Taken
  Attar, Farid ud-Din The Hawk
  Avaiyar Vinayagar Agaval
  ben Kallir, Eleazar Epithalamium
  ben Kallir, Eleazar He Shall be King!
  Berry, Wendell Testament
  Blake, William Auguries of Innocence
  Catherine of Siena We were enclosed (from Prayer 20)
  Ching-Yuen, Loy To know Tao
  Chinook (Anonymous) Teach us, and show us the Way
  Crashaw, Richard The Flaming Heart or the Life of the Glorious S. Teresa
  Emre, Yunus True speech is the fruit of not speaking
  Feuerstein, Georg Squaring the Circle
  Francis of Assisi The Canticle of Brother Sun
  Francis of Assisi The Canticle of Brother Sun
  Gibran, Kahlil Good and Evil
  Gibran, Kahlil Pain
  Gibran, Kahlil The Vast Man
  Guilhem IX of Poitou Joyous in love, I make my aim
  Hawaiian (Anonymous) He kanaenae no Laka / A Prayer of Adulation to Laka
  Heschel, Rabbi Abraham Joshua God Pursues Me Everywhere
  Hildegard von Bingen O ignee Spiritus / Hymn to the Holy Spirit
  Hirshfield, Jane Ripeness
  Holderlin, Friedrich All the Fruit...
  Holmes, Dick You Have Me
  ibn Gabirol, Solomon Who can do as Thy deeds
  ibn Gabirol, Solomon Who could accomplish what you've accomplished
  Jacobsen, Rolf Moon and Apple
  Kabir The moon shines in my body
  Khayyam, Omar [39] How long, how long, in infinite Pursuit
  Khayyam, Omar [42 - later edition] Waste not your Hour, nor in the vain pursuit Waste not your Hour, nor in the vain pursuit
  Khayyam, Omar [43] The Grape that can with Logic absolute
  Khayyam, Omar [67] Ah, with the Grape my fading Life provide
  Lalan The moon is encircled by moons
  Lawrence, D. H. Dolor of Autumn
  Lee, Li-Young From Blossoms
  Lee, Li-Young Night Mirror
  Leon, Luis de The Life Removed
  Mahadevi, Akka Treasure in the Ground
  Maharshi, Ramana The Marital Garland of Letters
  Maier, Michael Three Golden Apples from the Hesperian grove (from Atalanta Fugiens)
  Mechthild of Magdeburg The devil also offers his spirit
  Merton, Thomas A Practical Program for Monks
  Milosz, Czeslaw Late Ripeness
  Milosz, Czeslaw On Prayer
  Mirabai The Heat of Midnight Tears
  Nachmanides (Nachman, Moses ben) Prayers for the Protection and Opening of the Heart
  Nurbakhsh, Javad Desiring You
  Oliver, Colin Cold Mountain
  Plunkett, Joseph Mary The Splendour of God
  Pope, Alexander The Universal Prayer
  Porete, Marguerite Humility
  Rabjampa, Longchen An Adamantine Song on the Ever-Present
  Ramprasad (Sen, Ramprasad) Come, let us go for a walk, O mind
  Ramprasad (Sen, Ramprasad) I drink no ordinary wine
  Ramsay, Jay At Fintry House
  Rilke, Rainer Maria For your sake poets sequester themselves
  Rilke, Rainer Maria I am, O Anxious One
  Rilke, Rainer Maria What birds plunge through is not the intimate space
  Rosenstock, Gabriel (7) Were I a little bird (from Year of the Goddess)
  Sanai, Hakim Your intellect is just a hotch-potch
  Saraha The Royal Song of Saraha (Dohakosa)
  Sarton, May Now I Become Myself
  silent lotus Feel the Peace
  Snyder, Gary Manzanita
  Stafford, William Being a Person
  Tagore, Rabindranath On many an idle day have I grieved over lost time (from Gitanjali)
  Tennyson, Alfred If thou would'st hear the Nameless (from The Ancient Sage)
  Teresa of Avila In the Hands of God
  Thayumanavar All visible life that is clothed in body vesture (from Bliss that is Perfect Full)
  Thayumanavar O Mind, Be Clear
  Therese of Lisieux My Song for Today
  Traherne, Thomas My Spirit
  Trinley, Karma A Song on the View of Voidness
  Vaughan, Henry Unprofitableness
  Walters, Dorothy The Abundance of Brightness
  Wright, Richard An apple blossom