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Poems by Tukaram
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Tukaram was born in Maharashtra, in the western region of India, to a lower caste Shudra family. Despite being of a lower caste, the family was wealthy by rural standards.

When Tukaram was thirteen, his father fell ill and the boy had to take on the responsibility of supporting his family. Soon after, both parents died.

Hardships continued to follow Tukaram. His first wife died during a famine, and his second wife had no respect for his devotion to God.

Contrary to the traditional Hindu model of receiving spiritual initiation from a guru, Tukaram was initiated in a dream by Lord Hari (Krishna/Vishnu) Himself.

When Tukaram sensed his end was approaching, he stepped into a river, as many other saints have done. It is said that his rug and instruments returned to shore, but his body was never found. Devotees believe he was taken bodily to heaven.

During Tukaram's relatively short life, he was constantly singing devotional hymns called abhangs. He composed over 5,000 of these hymns. Many of his songs are autobiographical.

Poems by Tukaram

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