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Henry Vaughan is one of the best known of the British Metaphysical poets. He was born in Wales. Most historians assume that he attended Oxford with his twin brother Thomas Vaughan, who later became a famous alchemist and hermetic philosopher.

When the English Civil War broke out, Vaughan took the king's side in South Wales.

Vaughan had a powerful mystical conversion which he links to the inspired poetry of George Herbert. But, in contrast to Herbert's praises, Vaughan was more immediate and overtly mystical in his spirituality, describing ecstatic states of communion with the divine and a deep affinity for the natural world.

Henry Vaughan eventually settled into the life of a well-respected physician. He married in 1646, the same year that his first collection of poetry was published. In 1650, the first part of what would become his greatest collection of poetry, Silex Scintillans (The Sparking Flint), was published. Five years later, a second edition was published, with several additional poems.

He had three children by his first wife and, after she died, he remarried, having two more children with his second wife.

Poems by Henry Vaughan

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