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Dorothy Walters, PHD, taught college level English and American literature as well as Women's Studies in various Midwestern universities for most of her professional life. In 1981, at age 53, she experienced spontaneous Kundalini awakening, with little or no prior knowledge or experience in such things as yoga or meditation. This event was the beginning of a long process, which led her through many subsequent episodes of ecstasy and pain as the energies sought to balance and integrate within. This ongoing process has continued in one form or another up to the present, and thus it has been the focus of her attention, in terms of both her own continuing experience and personal research on the Kundalini phenomenon. She had no external guru or teacher to guide her on this most intimate journey, but rather relied on her own inner guru plus a few printed texts.

In 1988, she took an early retirement from teaching and moved to San Francisco, where she lived for the next twenty-one years. While there, she met Andrew Harvey, the renowned spiritual teacher, who encouraged her to write spiritual poetry. She has several volumes of mystical verse in publication, as well as a spiritual autobiography.

In 2015, Dorothy Walters celebrated her 87th birthday, and she looks forward to many more. She continues to write mystical poetry and to help those who are experiencing Kundalini awakening. A lifelong lesbian, she is especially sympathetic to spiritual seekers within the LGBT community.

Andrew Harvey has made recordings with Dorothy Walters available through his website, including a video interview and an audio recording of the two of them reading poems from Marrow of Flame.

Dorothy Walters is firmly convinced that Kundalini is the engine that will take us to the next stage of human evolution, and knows from her own experience that anything can happen to anyone anywhere at any time.

She now lives in Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

Dorothy Walters publishes her blog, Kundalini Splendor, at

Her e-mail address is

Poems by Dorothy Walters

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Dorothy Walters