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Poems by William Wordsworth
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William Wordsworth was one of the fathers of the Romantic poetry movement. His poetry often discovers meditative insights and transcendence within the natural world.

Wordsworth was born in the scenic Lake District of northwest England. His father acted as a legal representative to the Earl of Lonsdale, a position which provided his family with a prosperous living and a mansion. His mother died while William was still a child, and he was sent away to grammar school. He went on to study at Cambridge, receiving his B.A. degree at the age of 21. Prior to graduation, Wordsworth took a walking tour of Europe, particularly reveling in the beauty of the Alps.

After graduation, in the early 1790s, Wordsworth spent time in Revolutionary France, imbibing the country's idealism.

He briefly moved to Germany with his sister, Dorothy, and fellow poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, eventually returning to England and settling once more in the Lake District.

William married and had five children.

Wordsworth began to publish poetry in the mid 1790s. Among his most loved poems are "Tintern Abbey," "Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood," and "The Prelude."

Wordsworth received honorary doctorates from Durham and Oxford Universities. In 1843 he was named England's Poet Laureate.

He died of lung disease in 1850. His widow, Mary, published his long autobiographical poem The Prelude posthumously.

Poems by William Wordsworth

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