I take the Merciful One's shape, the Merciful I am

by Imadeddin Nasimi

English version by P. Tempest
Original Language Persian/Farsi

I take the Merciful One's shape, the Merciful I am.
The Spirit Absolute, the word of God and the Koran.

I was the one who told the secret of the burning hills
I was the bright fire's Abraham. I'm Moses and Imran.

I'm Jesus, Alexander and the water that gives life.
It's immortality I have, the source of life I am.

I am the sea, its coast I am. I am the shell and the pearl.
A pearl not only of the sea — the ocean's pearl I am.

I'm thought and beauty. I am attributes. I am desire.
I am the portrait, and the lover charmed by it I am.

I am the balm and doctor, the recovery and pain.
The sufferer the relief of suffering I am.

I am the Holy Book, its letters, he to whom God spoke.
The word, the one who spoke it and the argument I am.

The bearer of the cup I am, the wineseller, the drunk.
The spring of Heaven, the winepourer, the wine and cup I am.

I am much-repeated prayer. I am hypocrisy.
I am the one-God faith and of that the flame I am.

I am the Joy-provider, the All-merciful, the Wise.
Beatitude, Eternity and Paradise I am.

Know God, acknowledge him, Nesimi! You are mankind's son
And I am he who did receive from God the name of man.

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I take the Merciful