The One in White

by Raj Waghray

Original Language English

The Physical distance
of the lockdown
is overcome by the
joining of minds...
of millions all over
eagerly waiting for
The One in White!

One look at the softness
of his eyes and the heart melts!

The mind spreads
and dissipates;
silence descends
wrapping the whole
body in a
stunning quietude!

Millions of minds --
pearls each --
strung together
on a string of Love;
basking in the
discovery of
the beauty of inner Self;
Radiating and Shining
in that Joy & Love
The One in White!

Poet's Note -- This is my tribute to my Master; when the lockdown started in 2020 and there was so much uncertainty, fear and despair, Guruji used to take meditations twice a day and for millions like me, this was such a solace.

I have lost count of the number of days that we have been meditating twice with Gurudev — each day a new meditation. He has been doing it tirelessly with people all over the world, working an insane number of hours…starts with India, then Europe, America and South America etc. Over a million people joining the meditations every day! Answering the same kind of questions over and over again; assuring everyone that this will pass and all will be well. Beyond this, his presence in online courses too! I am sure his office would be working three shifts! There is something so soothing and reassuring to just sit with him, same time every day... the distance doesn't matter…just that look is enough to satiate the heart! This poem came up today evening and I wanted to share this with you all.

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The One in White