Oct 08 2021

problems solved

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Problems cannot be solved
at the same psychic level
that created them.

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  1. Anna M.on 13 Oct 2021 at 7:22 am

    Ha! 🙂

    Another moment of synchronicity again! 🙂

    I was meditating and just relaxing under the beautiful, calming and healing dolphin music.

    Suddenly in my mind appeared the picture of the swimming fish from the film “Samadhi”, part 2, that was asking

    ”Water? What is water?”

    and I remembered myself swimming like a fish in the Ocean…

    I was posted about this experience some years ago…

    And later came to the the computer and saw Khadijah’s post that quote Rumis poem “Thirsty” and so much smiled…:)

    Yes, we all have problems with embodiment on physical level, of so high frequencies of vibrations of energy of love, that too is thirsty to embody us….it is reciprocally

    The sound of dolphin,
    the sound of water,
    it is so healing…

    It is US!

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