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Jul 23 2021

sift reality

The mystic’s awareness
does not sift reality,
it bathes in it.

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Jul 16 2021

space of uncertainty

The space of uncertainty
is where magic happens.

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Jul 09 2021

until you find yourself saying

until you find yourself saying —

this moment is enough.

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Jul 02 2021

struggle and strength

It is the struggle to attain spiritual awakening
that makes us strong enough to actually receive it.

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Jun 25 2021

Knowing our work

Knowing our work, let’s be impatient to begin
and supremely patient in its accomplishment.
Knowing our work, what cause is there
for anything but joy in turning to it each day?

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Jun 11 2021

extreme and balanced

In your pursuit of God,
sometimes — you must be extreme;
always — you must be supremely balanced.

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Jun 04 2021

settles into the heart

Awareness settles into the heart,
touching everything
without reaching out to do so.

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May 28 2021

what is

Sure, there may be changes worth making —
in your life, in the world.
At the same time, courageously, even foolishly,
accept what is.

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May 21 2021

first language

Remember: Language
is not your first language.

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May 16 2021

nothing to do with belief

Faith has nothing to do with belief.
Faith is surrendering
your fears and hopes
to the Divine Life flowing through you.

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May 14 2021


When everything is deliberate,
everything works together
to awaken the awareness of liberation.

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May 07 2021

the solution

The solution to religious extremism
is to reawaken that sweet, secret, sacred bliss within,
to gently and generously share it with others,
to create environments that invite
the continuing quest.

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Apr 23 2021

the journey itself

The destination’s gift
is contained in the journey itself.

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Apr 12 2021

new path

Discover a new path
through this magical, unknown day.

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Mar 12 2021


Self-acceptance has a strange way
of becoming self-awareness.

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Mar 05 2021

A book and a building

A book and a building are not enough.
The human spirit needs cathedrals of trees,
towering mountains, and fields
of spring wildflowers as places of prayer.

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Feb 26 2021

battered heart

somehow the battered heart
blossoms with such beauty,
no hint of past hurts

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