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Aug 12 2022

full recollection

Presence is full recollection
but with no memory.

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Jul 15 2022


Too tired to maintain our pretenses,
we rest in awe.

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Jul 08 2022

inner perfection

There is an inner perfection
the same for everyone.
The psyche may go through the motions,
but its journey is done.

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Jul 01 2022

Innocence and naiveté

Innocence is not naiveté.
Naiveté must be carefully removed.
Innocence is our true nature.

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Jun 17 2022

great pure ache

All that loss, hurt and hope —
gather them up
into a great pure ache
until the Beloved has no choice but to kiss
your naked heart.

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Jun 03 2022

smoldering eyes

Seek the smoldering eyes
beneath the mask.

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May 13 2022


Joy is an art.

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Apr 22 2022


All the world
is an altar.

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Apr 08 2022

supremely complete

Remember, you are
supremely complete
in every circumstance.

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Mar 18 2022

surf the apocalypse

When things feel chaotic or in collapse,
find the underlying currents
and flow with them.
We must learn to surf the apocalypse.

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Mar 11 2022

Seeking sunlight

Seeking sunlight the sapling
reaches out for that golden touch.
In time the tree
becomes the pathway of its own seeking.

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Feb 18 2022

nothing much

Deep awakening
requires a tremendous journey,
but nothing much
needs to happen.

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Jan 28 2022

already brought about

Liberation is already brought about. It is already here.
What is truly essential is to fully engage yourself.

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Jan 21 2022

gentle prodding

We all feel it, a gentle prodding
to let the heart open,
to know ourselves truly, to be present
and radiate ourselves into the world.

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Jan 14 2022

The deepest mystery

The deepest mystery
is in the mirror.

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Dec 17 2021

theory and debate

Theory and debate can never satisfy
the seeking heart.

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Dec 10 2021

the slightest contact

Every person: God.
Every animal, every plant: God.
Everything: God, God!
The slightest contact is worship.

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