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Jun 14 2024

The final key

The final key
to the final door
is finally found within yourself.
This is the rule.

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May 31 2024

action & stillness

Action proceeds from stillness.

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May 24 2024


Absolutism is not an expression of faith,
it is a symptom of a lack of faith.

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May 17 2024


A true seeker is only satisfied
with direct perception.

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May 12 2024

on course

As long as you have compassion
you can’t be far off course.

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May 03 2024

each step

Each step
is part of the journey.

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Apr 21 2024

bleeding hearts

May our eyes see, though our hearts break.
May our hearts break, that they may open.
May our hearts bleed, that we know
life flows through them.

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Mar 29 2024


Even our masks reveal us.

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Mar 22 2024


We spend most of our lives striving so hard
to earn our own permission to be at rest
where we are
— when we could have done it all along.

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Mar 08 2024


bliss heals

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Mar 01 2024


We embody
each other.

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Feb 16 2024


Real freedom carries the flavor of timelessness.

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Feb 02 2024


Do that
which makes your life

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Jan 26 2024

each day

Balance must be discovered
each day.

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Dec 22 2023


Every word is an incantation,
each thought a spell.
Use your magic

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Dec 15 2023


A miracle isn’t an event or an experience.
It is a moment of recognition:
We glimpse the wider reality,
and what we witness washes us away.

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Dec 01 2023


Accept yourself
so deeply
that you are not afraid to let go
of what is not you.

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