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Jan 27 2023


When problems fill the day,
then those problems are the day’s worship.

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Jan 16 2023

holy heart

Find the holy heart
of the moment.

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Jan 06 2023

unfolds possibility

Each day
magically unfolds possibility
into reality.

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Dec 30 2022

Remember gratitude

Remember gratitude.

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Dec 21 2022

The pathway

The pathway is open,
and that pathway is the heart.

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Dec 12 2022

a thousand times

The heart, to be whole,
must break a thousand times
and be ready to break again.

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Nov 11 2022


The pathway in life
runs along the seam
between the heart and the world.

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Oct 28 2022


Gather your history up,
unedited, without fear,
and watch it disappear.

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Oct 21 2022

faith and knowing

Faith isn’t about knowing,
it’s about being
— then you know.

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Sep 30 2022

blind eye

If I turn a blind eye to the suffering of another
…I become a little more blind.

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Sep 23 2022

every instant

Encounter every instant
entirely as it is,
in pure wonder.

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Sep 16 2022

true face

A reflection never satisfies.
In the search for our true face, there is
no journey,
nothing to reach for.
We inhabit ourselves, instead.

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Sep 09 2022

sling shot

Spiritual practice is a sling shot.
You tug and strain,
but when you have enough tension
— just let go and soar!

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Aug 26 2022

visibility of being

The present is a moving thread of light
where all things barely step into the visibility of being…
as the moment keeps moving.

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Aug 19 2022


Knowledge is not the accumulation of data
or the formulation of thought.
True knowledge is to merge
with the living field of knowing itself.

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Aug 12 2022

full recollection

Presence is full recollection
but with no memory.

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Jul 15 2022


Too tired to maintain our pretenses,
we rest in awe.

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