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Jan 24 2020

humble enough

We must be open-minded, open-hearted,
curious, courageous, quiet, poised…
and humble enough to not notice
our own sweet melting.

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Jan 21 2020

fuel for love

Let every experience
be fuel for the fire
of love.

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Jan 15 2020

Right action heals

Right action heals
in ways that even “success” cannot match.

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Jan 06 2020

What can one do but stand

What can one do but stand
in silent awe of the vision that emerges,
showing us how much bigger we are
than even our best stories?

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Dec 17 2019

No story

No story can contain you.

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Nov 26 2019

innocence & naiveté

Innocence is not naiveté.
Naiveté must be carefully removed.
Innocence is our true nature.

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Nov 22 2019

what we love

We become what we love.

Everything else is just movement.

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Nov 15 2019

real praise

Stillness is
the real praise, and prayer, and presence.

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Nov 08 2019

how big the life is

Discover how big the life is
hidden in the small places
that populate each day.

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Nov 01 2019


Regardless of belief or faith,
everyone is agnostic
until gnosis.

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Oct 25 2019

self-acceptance is essential

Psychic stillness is so difficult because it makes us naked
to ourselves.
This is why self-acceptance is essential.
Otherwise, we never give ourselves permission to be still.

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Oct 18 2019

slow realization

The slow realization
of a lifetime lived with attention:
the satisfaction of simple moments.

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Oct 16 2019

a smoldering nugget

Even in our stumblings,
in our rebellions and unconsciousness,
there is a smoldering nugget of awareness
that calls out for remembrance.

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Oct 07 2019

absolutism & faith

Absolutism is not an expression of faith,
it is a symptom of a lack of faith.

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Oct 04 2019

Find the joy

Find the joy
that quietly glows in your chest,
the joy that glows with brazen disregard
for your lurching tears and laughter.

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Sep 30 2019

pacifist & passivist

Being a pacifist
does not mean being a passivist.

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Sep 27 2019

what you are

Meditation is not what you do,
it is what you are.

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