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Sep 18 2019

information and knowledge

Don’t mistake information for knowledge.

Information is important,
but knowledge is the stuff of life.

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Sep 13 2019

unzip them

All objects, all people
that tug at your desire:
unzip them.
See what tumbles out.

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Sep 06 2019

just selfish enough

Be just selfish enough
to insist on what is
spiritually important to you.

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Aug 30 2019

Don’t resent the work

Don’t resent the work.
It gives you the strength to stand
whole and silent
before the Mystery.

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Aug 23 2019


How can you settle into yourself

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Aug 09 2019


We are always in trance.
The trick is to shift
from low trance
to high trance.

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Aug 02 2019


Learn how to
not be hypnotized
by your own thoughts.

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Jul 27 2019


Even our masks reveal us.

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Jul 21 2019

the world we live in

We can choose
the world we live in
and the way
we live in the world.

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Jul 12 2019

perfection & stillness

Why strive for the perfect
thought or action?
The perfection you seek
is found in stillness.

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Jul 03 2019


Language is the first tool wielded
and the last chain escaped.

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Jun 28 2019

forgiveness and freedom

The path of forgiveness
is the path of freedom.

Forgiveness is a rebellion
against the ego’s self-importance.

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Jun 20 2019


We are interconnected.
Our experiences
are always shared experiences.

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Jun 07 2019

into the present

It is impossible to settle
into the present
without first cultivating

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May 31 2019


The mediocre and the mundane:
treasures for awareness.

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May 29 2019

all effort will cease

One day all effort will cease
and the Earth shall recognize
its inherent heavenly nature.

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May 17 2019


Everything is an opportunity
for awareness.

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