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Sep 30 2020


You have permission
to be rude
when protecting the vulnerable.

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Sep 25 2020


Language is the first tool wielded
and the last chain escaped.

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Sep 17 2020

The deepest mystery

The deepest mystery
is in the mirror.

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Sep 04 2020

gift of life

Each day should be approached
with amazement, wonder, gratitude.
After all, what have you done
to earn the inconceivable gift of life?

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Aug 28 2020

the true church

The awakened heart
is the true church.

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Aug 21 2020

effortless compassion

Love and compassion are effortless.
The soul is exhausted by the effort
to stop this natural outpouring
of the living heart.

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Aug 14 2020

An empathic heart

An empathic heart
is what keeps us alive
and on the spiritual path.

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Aug 07 2020

let love pour

Find a new way each day
to let love pour
through your being.

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Jul 31 2020

magically unfolds

Each day
magically unfolds possibility
into reality.

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Jul 27 2020

hearts and minds

Religion is not to close your mind,
but to open your heart.

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Jul 17 2020


Gratitude opens us daily.

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Jun 12 2020

every instant

Encounter every instant
entirely as it is,
in pure wonder.

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Jun 03 2020

the right place

It’s not that we have to find the right place to look.
It’s that we have to find the right way to look.

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May 28 2020

only one

In two, there is only One.
In “you” and “I,” there are not two, but One.
In delusion, only One; in recollection, only One.
What work remains but to know?

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May 15 2020

like a tree

We don’t float to heaven.
Like a tree, we sink roots deep into the rocky soil,
and so, year-by-year, reach higher into the heavens.

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May 08 2020

pregnant with miracles

The world is pregnant with miracles.
All it takes is for us to approach with quiet and awe,
and the most mundane things open themselves
into infinities.

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Apr 28 2020

give ourselves away

What we really want
is to discover
the most fulfilling ways
to give ourselves away.

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