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Dec 22 2023


Every word is an incantation,
each thought a spell.
Use your magic

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Dec 15 2023


A miracle isn’t an event or an experience.
It is a moment of recognition:
We glimpse the wider reality,
and what we witness washes us away.

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Dec 01 2023


Accept yourself
so deeply
that you are not afraid to let go
of what is not you.

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Nov 17 2023

only game worth playing

A year or ten years
or ten thousand years,
what does it matter how long enlightenment takes?
It is the only game worth playing.

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Nov 10 2023

The past

The past offers itself up
to feed the soul that seeks fullness
by continuously reclaiming itself

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Oct 27 2023

better than perfect

Better to be whole and happy,
than perfect.

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Oct 20 2023


Opposites are not opposed,
but joined.

We dance along that seam of connection.

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Sep 01 2023

trying to save

Stop trying
to save humanity
and, instead, learn
to serve humanity.

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Aug 25 2023

struggle and strength

It is the struggle to attain spiritual awakening
that makes us strong enough to actually receive it.

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Aug 11 2023

even in darkness

Even in darkness we see,
and we see we are not alone.

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Aug 01 2023


and so see the sky.

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Jul 21 2023

Use everything

Use everything:
Joy, fear, success, suffering.
A seeker doesn’t have the luxury
to waste their journey in pursuit
of easy, grand experiences.

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Jul 07 2023


Everything encountered
is encountered in the heart.

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Jun 30 2023

be rude

You have permission
to be rude
when protecting the vulnerable.

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Jun 09 2023

in front of you

The answer is in front of you.
Find a way to see.

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Jun 02 2023

Where bliss begins

Where bliss begins

everything else ends.

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May 26 2023


Be unsatisfied
with secondhand ideas about God.

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