Sep 12 2018

Statement about Amazon

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Amazon has been in the news lately and rightly criticized for the absurd sums of money claimed by the CEO while many of its employees earn poverty wages and lack basic job security. Amazon is just one of the more notable companies among far too many that have come to embody a brutal and predatory corporate mindset.

But given how ubiquitous Amazon is in the world of online book sales, I have not yet come up with an entirely satisfying alternative that will work for everyone.

I regularly point out that Poetry Chaikhana books are available through other online sources, like Barnes & Noble, but they don’t cater to as many countries around the globe, and the Poetry Chaikhana is a global community.

There is also the more direct approach: I can take orders and ship the books myself, as I have been doing with the recent pre-orders for This Dance of Bliss. That is something I have generally done only for limited periods of time, when I want to offer personally inscribed books. My hesitation to do that on a more regular basis is primarily because I do my Poetry Chaikhana work in my spare time. Poetry Chaikhana publications provide some welcome income, but it is not yet enough to allow me to lessen my commitments to my day job. As many of you are aware, I need to be especially careful with my time and energy because of the chronic fatigue patterns I deal with, so I can’t casually add to my weekly workload. Even so, I am giving this option some serious thought.

One of the most positive ways to purchase Poetry Chaikhana books, in my opinion, is to request them through your local independent bookstore. I receive less of a sales royalty that way, but when you purchase through a neighborhood brick-and-mortar bookstore, you are supporting a local business, you get to chat with interesting people who love books, and it’s an excuse to browse their shelves for other hidden treasures. Bookstores build communities.

If you have other good recommendations, please share them with me. I welcome your suggestions.

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2 Responses to “Statement about Amazon”

  1. Rianaon 12 Sep 2018 at 3:24 pm

    Hi Ivan, I received my DANCE OF BLISS last week – so fast to Australia! Thank you!

    This is a gorgeous anthology, beautifully produced, and a broader selection from many nations, times, and origins. Although all are spiritual in their flavour some are more consciously thoughtful, and some are more emotional, yet all rejoice in sharing their revelation of the divine. A real feast of bliss and companion volume for your other collections.

    And, as Christ’s saying goes – ‘He who does not dance knows not what comes to pass.’

  2. Ivan M. Grangeron 15 Sep 2018 at 5:39 pm

    Thank you for the lovely note, Riana. I hope the book inspires us all to dance more and know what comes to pass…

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