Apr 02 2019

thoughts are a dialog

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Thoughts are a dialog
with God, the Eternal Self.
When we remember we are the Self,
thoughts stop.

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One Response to “thoughts are a dialog”

  1. Elaon 07 Apr 2019 at 6:35 pm

    God Father
    Your company is the best
    I am your own soul
    You have given me everything
    Every thing is yours
    Good or bad.
    I have no worries because
    You are always here with me
    I have no wishes of mine
    You know what’s better
    If I succeed or not it’s yours
    You wind my mind not I
    You lead me
    You show me the direction
    I follow with faith
    You give me tips every time
    I hear precious knowledge
    I have a limited intellect to grasp all

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