Jan 15 2021

Poetry Chaikhana Publications

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I don’t often talk about book sales, but I thought I’d let you know that two Poetry Chaikhana publications — Haiku Enlightenment and The Longing in Between — have been selling well since the end of 2020. Haiku Enlightenment has been in the top 100 best selling haiku books on Amazon, and The Longing in Between has been hovering in the top 100 or 200 for poetry anthologies. Amazing! I love to see these book circulating, carrying their wild, illuminating poetry out into the world. A great deal of thanks is due to you, the Poetry Chaikhana community, for your steady support and encouragement through the years.

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  1. Anna M.on 15 Jan 2021 at 9:57 am


    I am so glad to hear such a lightening news.

    In this too technocratic and even transhumanic already is shattering world,
    there are still books, that “carrying their wild, illuminating poetry out into the world.”

    Keep going on….

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